Thursday, November 13, 2008

Objet du Jour: Oak Heritage Rocking Chair

One of the fun things I did over the summer was visiting Art on the Rocks, a yearly art fair held in the beautiful Upper Peninsula of Michigan (in Marquette, more specifically). If time allowed, I would make a yearly pilgrimage to this beautiful art fair nestled into the woods and rocks of Presque Isle Park. In any case, we made it this year, my husband and I.

One of the things we liked best (and almost bought on the spot but had no way to get it home) was a rocking chair made by Oak Heritage. What makes these chairs special is the the way the wood is hand-bent to conform to the human body. This is the most comfortable rocker I've ever tried!

Here is how the chairs are described on the Oak Heritage website:
We are probably best known for our rocking chairs. Inspired by Amish design, our chairs have been crafted using a more radical steam-bending technique. This signatory curve in the seat and back design gives each chair superior lumbar support which makes each rocker extremely comfortable while adding beautiful curving lines to its design.
Since we didn't buy one on the spot, we are going to make a special trip to Yellow Springs, Ohio, to pick one up. This will be our Christmas gift to each other.


I'm Back. Am I Back?

Ok, I've been suffering from what I can only call "blogger's block" for many months now. I'm going to make a concerted effert to begin posting again. I may fall flat on my face (again). Thanks for those of you who have hung in there with me.