Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Beadwork: Teri Greeves

OMG, are these sneakers not amazing? They are the handiwork of Teri Greeves, a Native American bead artist who combines traditional beadwork techniques with modern objects and images. What caught my eye at first was the vibrant red together with the iconic Converse All-Stars image. According to an article in Cowboys and Indians Magazine by Amanda Montgomery,
Greeves always intends for her sneakers to be worn, not to collect dust on a shelf. "Beadwork is a way of decorating objects we use every day. The art form I chose is functional, and the wearer becomes part of the work."
I love beadwork. Beading is the craft I do best in the sense that the finished product is of the highest quality of all the things I make. I can't say I bead well because the process of getting to the finished product is fraught with peril. I drop beads, I drop trays full of beads, my thread gets hopelessly tangled, and if I'm following a pattern I have to rip out two stitches for every one I put in. It is a process that I suffer through, and ever more so with each passing year.

But I love beaded work of all kinds. I relate to it. I feel a kinship with other beaders, even bead artists who are so far out of my league that we're barely doing the same craft.

For more on Terri Greeves, see Jane Sauer Gallery.