Sunday, May 27, 2007

More Black and Yellow

When it comes to black and yellow, sometimes one has to take matters into one's own hands. Hence the creation of this little mirror for my Etsy shop. I need to find a way to make the background different.

tags: Memorial Day Sale

I'm a big fan of because of their amazingly broad selection of fabric, ranging from beautiful and pretty to frivolous and silly. This week they're having a Memorial Day sale (they have great sales!), with select fabrics 35% to 45% off. Fabrics that typically sell for $8 to $9 per yard are now $5 to $6 per yard.

Here's a link to their sale page. Enjoy!


Friday, May 25, 2007

Rooftops in Prague: Artquirk at Etsy

"Rooftops in Prague" is not only a great item for Black and Yellow Week, but also a wonderful Etsy find: a print from an original painting offered by Artquirk for $20.00.

via Another Shade of Grey.


Thursday, May 24, 2007

Black and Yellow Week Continues

All right, this is harder than it looks, and I'm getting NO help at all from you people. It seems that the consummate coolness of black and yellow is only known by those in the know. That is to say, we're on the cutting edge here. And that's not such a bad place to be.

What we have here are two items from the Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen Lavish Mugs collection. Frankly, the whole collection is cool. You can have a look (and order them, if you wish) at China Etc.


Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Yellow and Black: The Hesher

Here's a cool yellow and black find, so my "Black and Yellow Week" will have more than one post. This is the detail of a polo shirt by attus apparel called "The Hesher." Good stuff. Kinda pricey at $54.00. Still, cool.

It's late and I'm brain dead. G'nite.


Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Objets du Jour - Barbapapa Plastic Toys

Aren't these adorable?

(Aside - Please read "adorable" in your best Craig Ferguson voice. I love how he says that word! Now, back to our post.)

It doesn't take much to get me off on a toy tangent. When link surfing landed me on the Swedish site of Green Jelly Toys, I had to look at, well, pretty much everything. These little guys really grabbed me. They are 4 to 8 cm tall and sell for 49 kronor, or about seven bucks apiece.

Of course, I knew nothing about them, but that's what Wikipedia is for.
Barbapapa is both the title character, and name of the "species" of said character, of a series of children's books written in the 1970s by Annette Tison and Talus Taylor, who resided in Paris, France. The books were originally written in French, and were later translated into many languages. As short cartoons of a length of only five minutes, they reached a broader audience via TV.

Barbapapa himself is a generally pear-shaped, pink shapeshifting blob-like creature who stumbles upon the human world and tries to fit in. The shapeshifting is usually accompanied by the saying "Clickety Click Barba Trick". After various amusing adventures, he comes across a female of his species (more shapely, and black-coloured), named Barbamama. They produce seven children, known as the Barbababies, each a different colour.
Well, the books are cute, but they don't hold a candle to the toys. If I had money, I'd be inclined to see if I could search some out on Ebay.

It's amazing how much you save by not having any money!


Monday, May 21, 2007

Etsy Shop: Rockin' Bones

We haven't had any skulls in a while and, well, that's just wrong, isn't it? Fortunately I've stumbled onto an Etsy shop with skulls galore. (That should be the name of something. A band, perhaps. Skulls Galore. Hmmm.) The shop is Rockin' Bones, and you can get there from here.

Above we have the front view of the Yellow Skulls Tunic. Here's the back:

Aside from the skulls, I totally dig the black and yellow color combination. Last month I was all about black and pink, but now I've seen the error of my ways. Black and yellow is clearly what it's all about.

Someone--who the heck was it? Help me out. Someone, a fellow blogger within our amorphous community, recently did a "pink and yellow" week. I hereby declare this "Black and Yellow Week" on Eclectic Detective.

Realistically, given my recent slump, "Black and Yellow Week" may be limited to the current post. But you can help! E-mail me your favorite black and yellow design-y stuff to Or don't, either way. But really, it's sooooo easy to make me happy. . . .


Friday, May 11, 2007

Objet du Jour - Ethics Girl Tee

In an age where many girl products ask us to decide if we're a "Princess," a "Brat" or a "Drama Queen," this t-shirt from Howies is a breath of fresh air. "Ethics girl: Higher Quality, Lower Impact."



Thursday, May 03, 2007

Clarification, and . . . ETSY!

My apologies for not making this more clear: the drawing in the previous post is not by me, but by Hugh McLeod of gapingvoid. (He's one of my blogging heroes.) If you're not familiar with his "cartoons drawn on the back of business cards," then you're in for a treat--they're great! I have one of my favorites on a t-shirt--with the following caption:

"I can't take this shit any more!" he said, mistakenly.

(Because we can't, can we? And yet we do, don't we?)

In any case, I apologize to my readers, and to Hugh, for not making it clear that the work was his and not mine.

So what creative stuff have I been doing? Well, mostly this: I've opened an Etsy shop! Right now it's just an itty bitty baby Etsy shop, not because I don't have things to sell, but because I'm such a crappy photographer that it takes me forever to get something posted.

I have some jewelry posted (beadwork is my first love), and then some of my mixed-media magnets. But what really got me going was this idea that everyone should have a pocket mirror that says "Child of God" on it.

The idea came to me in work with my therapy clients, especially work on self-esteem. Where spirituality is concerned, I follow the client's lead, and with some the topic of God doesn't even come up. But lately I've been blessed with several clients who have very strong faith, and when they begin to get down on themselves, reminding them that they are a child of God is a powerful tool. It works pretty well when I remind myself, as well!

So I bought a machine that makes these little mirrors. And have I been busy! One of the best things about it: I can do it using just my left hand, so the tendonitis doesn't hold me back! (I'm also enlisting a niece to help make them, so I don't develop a new thing with my left arm.)

Blogging has been more on the back burner than I'd like lately, first because I was in a funk, and more recently because of how busy I've been. I'm hoping to get back on schedule soon.