Sunday, September 06, 2009

Incredible Recycled Houses

A self-taught builder, plumber and electrician, artist Dan Phillips makes low-income housing out of recycled materials. Here, the corners of picture frames adorn the ceiling. "A frame shop was getting rid of old samples and I was there waiting," said Phillips.

Above, a cork floor is made from actual wine corks. According to Phillips, the corks are easy to come by: "We have some heavy drinkers in town."

via TimesPeople, an offering of Courtesy of Elizabeth Van Jacob.



casapinka said...

That top one reminds me of one of the Project Runway dresses from last night's show!

LisaJay said...

lmao! yes, it DOES look a bit like them, doesn't it?

amy said...

Hiiilarious! I've heard about those project runway dresses! I want to live in this house...! Great way to upcycle one's "clutter" and still be able to see it in its glory every day.