Thursday, July 05, 2007

Objet du Way Too Long: Warm Biscuit Fairy Diary

OK, so I went on vacation with the completely incorrect assumption that internet access would be so easy you'd never know I was away. Picture me walking the halls of my aunt's apartment building with my laptop open, trying to increase the signal of some unknown neighbor's wireless connection from one to two bars so I can post. Picture my frustration. Picture the posts I would have posted. *sigh* OK. Onward.

To make up for it all, I've found you this delicious fairy diary from Warm Biscuit, a newly discovered online store that has me charmed completely.

Would you not have loved this as a child? Are you not tempted to buy it, on the pretense that it's for your niece, while knowing full well you'll keep it for yourself?

And here's something you should know: fairies are the new skulls. Remember, you heard it here first. (But you have to spell it "faeries." Not sure why, but know it as fact. Trust me.)



Di Overton said...

So frustrating not having internet access.
Great link and what a wonderful name - Warm Biscuit.

Vicki said...

Thanks for the plug...laughed out loud (lol for the younger set!) with the FAIERY comment! So Euro and so not Warm Biscuit.

Cheers (my attempt to be sophisticated)

mocca_chi said...

ohh... a sweet picture.....