Friday, July 13, 2007

A River Blue: Art By Children of Northern Uganda

A River Blue describes itself as an "art empowerment project for the children of Northern Uganda." These children are living in IDP (internally displaced persons) camps in Alepdong, Aloi and Amoro. A River Blue is a project of Barefoot Workshops,
a non-profit, media-based educational and development organization. Barefoot has attained a building in Alepdong to be developed as a rehabilitation and vocational center for young people, giving them the opportunity to express themselves through the arts so that they may begin to heal themselves and one another, as well as educate the international community about their situation, and acquire occupational skills for their futures.
The artworks above are by Ongora Innocent (left) and Okwir Nickson (right), while those below are by an unidentified youth artist (left) and by Ojuka Maxwell (right).

The artwork speaks for itself, and speaks volumes about the project's power and value. I thank my flickr buddy "Gadjo Dilo" for bringing it to my attention.


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Di Overton said...

Heart breaking paintings. Isn't it sad to see children painting images like this?