Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Skull A Day

I know, I know. Skulls are so passe. But this skull news, though not actually new, is too good to pass up.

Artist, blogger and author Noah Scalin began making a skull a day for a year in 2007, and thus the project Skull-A-Day was born. Skulls from that year are featured in his book, SKULLS, published by Lark Books in 2008 and available through IndieBound and other fine booksellers. Also, one of Scalin's skull drawings (above) is featured on a Kenneth Cole t-shirt.

In the years to come, Scalin began publishing skulls by other artists on his Skull-A-Day blog. My favorites include this illustration by Robert Steven Connett ,

and this sculpted sand skull.

In addition to the art skulls, several skull items are available from site sponsors. These include skull cookies from Whimzskulls:

and etched skull glasses from Tatman's Glass.

Finally, the Skull-A-Day website has merchandise for sale, such as these cute skull buttons:

But one of the coolest things available on the Skull-A-Day site is free fonts, such as the Skullphabet 1 font pictured below:

Check out the SKULL-A-DAY website yourself, and I'm sure you'll find your own favorites. Let's face it: they're skulls. They're not going to go away.



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Amy Taylor said...

OMG, this is wonderful. I'm now a new fan of skulls! Love the Skullalphabet the best. Hilarious!