Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Eclectic Detective--On The Move?

I am once again considering a move to type TypePad for my blog, and it is once again driving me nuts. As you can see, it's a year since I've played around with this idea, which means a year of paying $8.95 a month for something I don't use at all.

If I can figure the damn thing out, I think I'll have more control over how my content looks, and that's the motivation. I don't know if it feels so complicated to other people, or if I'm just an old dog trying to learn a new trick. In the past I've always gotten frustrated and fled back to the easy usability of Blogger--which may be easy just because I've learned it.

Also, moving all my links and other stuff on my sidebar seems an enormous amount of work.

I'd welcome any comments from other bloggers about making this move--whether they advise for or against it, based on their own experience.



Dzeni said...

If you could change the look, what would you change it to? Since blogger came out of Beta, there are a number of cool new things you can do to your blog, including playing with the colours, and quite possibly the layout. All without having to shift (and pay). Before you shift, it might be worthwhile to investigate the latest blogger features and see if they do what you want them to do.

LisaJay said...

Hi, dzeni, and thanks for stopping by! You've made some good points. I think I want a layout that has sidebars on both sides. Maybe I could simply switch to a different blogger layout. I'll look into this.
Thanks again!


Di Overton said...

I would stay with blogger they are part of google which helps hugely on the search engine front and changing address will take you way down the rankings.
Though I must admit I haven't mastered the 3 column thing as yet. I think I have some existing code in my template that is stopping it happening whenever I try it.

Anonymous said...

Okay so when you think about moving and I think about following you (well I mean updating your link on my blog) or even when I think about changing my blog hosting I have the same dilemma. It always seems easier to stay. That is why google (blogger) or any other provider win or lose (the effort of change). How much do you hate your bank but think changing would be too hard? Personally I really like how your site looks. It's easy and refreshing. Yeah it could look better, but at what cost in terms of time and effort. If you think you want to move why not do a trial site somewhere, create a quick link and ask people to comment. If nobody bothers you have your answer, if they do you have the information you need. Those of us that love your site will participate...well I think we will.

LisaJay said...

Thanks Di and Anonymous. I think you've made good points. Since right now I'm having a hard time coming up with the time/energy to post, I don't think a move will be happening any time soon. And I think the current format is probably good enough for a "little fish" blog, which is all I have time to be for the time being. I really appreciate hearing the comment "those of us who love your site." Reading that was a really nice way to start my day!