Saturday, February 02, 2008

Jewelry Designer Mana Bernandes

Those who've been on the Eclectic Detective ride for a more than a little while know that what really gets me going is cooooooool jewelry. And have I ever found some for you! The designer is Mana Bernardes, and her work can be found on the TOUCH design site. Here is her bio from that site:
Mana Bernardes is a young jewelry designer, poet, and visual artist from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Her interests and aptitudes in art and design formed at an early age and continue to develop and transform. She participated as “Design + Social,” organized by the Institute of PVC in Rio de Janeiro, curated and produced the exhibition “Estampa de cada Rosto” at Lurix Gallery in Rio and also exhibited “Fashion without Frontiers” at Sao Paulo Fashion Week SPFW. In 2005, the Campana brothers invited her to participate in the exhibition “J’en RĂªve” at the Cartier Foundation in France where she displayed an 8-meter mobile and her video art piece, “Connecting through the Cord.” which was also included in the commemorative exhibition of I.D. magazine.
The necklace above is titled "Clasp," and I love the elegance Mana has achieved with everyday objects. Here is another example: the cuff bracelet called "Night," below, is made of wine mesh and Swarovski crystal. How totally cool is that? (Let me hear you say it loud: WISH LIST!)

Finally, an completely magical necklace that caught my eye is "Spatial," below, made of iridescent sequins and nylon thread.

In short, I love Mana Bernandes, and will be keeping an eye out for her work. Let's hope for future posts!



Di Overton said...

Oh what a fabulous find. Well done YOU

Anonymous said...

Hi Nice Blog .That hasn't stopped me from paging through Goldsmith Jewelry's new website. There have some beautiful pieces and, although I am not going to spend $1500 on a set of earrings, I am sure going to enter to win them for free in Jewelers Point

Michelle Defreitas said...

I always admire the wit and imagination of designers like Mana who transform everyday items into wearable art. These are some of the most dramatic pieces that I have seen. I call them conversational pieces as no doubt when you wear this jewellery people will be asking you "where did you get that".