Friday, February 08, 2008

Lifeshop Collection Outdoor Furniture

The Lifeshop Collection has a line of outdoor furniture with a wonderfully pod-like feel to it. I have spoken before about my love of--or, perhaps, need for--this sense of being in an enclosed space on certain types of days or in certain types of moods.

I'm no psychologist, but I suppose it's a womb thing. Oh, wait. I am a psychologist. . . .

(Somehow I never tire of that joke. Ask anyone who knows me. They'll be happy to vent to you about the extent to which I never tire of that joke.)

Aren't these poddies snuggly? Although I found this past summer that what one really wants, on a lovely summer's day, is a hammock with a mosquito net draped over it.

via stylehive.



Di Overton said...

How strange. I love to be in enclosed spaces. To get to sleep I imagine myself on a warm beach in a hammock gently swinging in a breeze.

Lucky Loo said...

Im with ya on these Love them too!!!Your blog looks great thansk for sharring great stuff!
lorie at soulful adornments!

Henry said...

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