Friday, June 08, 2007

Inspired By . . . Because We Can

After months of design ennui, today I found myself looking at an interior that stirred my soul and made it cry, "Oh, yes!!!" An interior that re-lit the fire of design lust--that "I must have this" feeling we know so well.

The authors of this artistic brilliance bill themselves as a "design-build firm," but as we see in the pictures they are in fact magicians. The "they" in question is Because We Can, a "mash-up of designers and builders" led by Jeffrey McGrew and Jillian Northrup.

The photos in this post are from one of their recent projects, a "full office environment with custom one-of-a-kind desks," one of which is pictured above. Below are two views of the "engine room," where employees keep their bikes while at work.

I could have posted literally every one of the photos from this project as an example of what I fell in love with, but instead have given you just enough to whet your appetite. This is to encourage you to go on over to the Because You Can site and have a look for yourselves.

Be sure to visit their blog, where a post about renovation of their own workspace is equally inspiring. I wish you could leave comments--I want them to make some sort of cast or mold of their Shopbot table the next time they're ready to smooth it down. They would be works of art in their own right! I'll have to send them an e-mail.

This is the best kind of good stuff. Go on over and have a look, and if you're in the San Francisco area, let them re-do your office!

OK, I've been trying for the past hour to find where I found this so I could give a via link. I have to let it go. If I got this via your blog, drop me a comment, OK?

UPDATE: My thanks to Sara for her comment. I did, indeed, find these folks on her blog, Rasco-a-go-go.



Di Overton said...

What a wonderful find. Don't you just love it when people are so inventive?

Sara said...

I had them up the other weekend with the cool felted bowls from Mio. Don't you adore them? I saw it via AT or D*S

LisaJay said...

Sara--yes! I found it on your blog, and have updated the post to say so. Thanks for letting me know. Great find!

Maryam in Marrakesh said...

What a truly innovative bike rack. Wowza!

Jeffrey McGrew said...

Hey! Thanks for all the kind words. The idea to do a cast of the surface is a good one, it is a shame to loose them.

We don't have comments turned on because we don't have time to keep up on them. Drupal sites (which ours is) get hammered hard by spammers, so it's easier for us to just not have comments...

Thanks again!

LisaJay said...

Jeff--thanks for stopping by! I totally understand about the comments issue (or, in this case, non-issue, as you found my comment on my blog).

If you do decide to make casts of your cutting surface, let me know! I want to be the first to order one!


michelle said...

wow, I don't think I have ever seen anything quite like that, why that is really brilliant.