Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Objets du Jour: Ibride Plates and Platters

I'm loving these melamine plates designed by Ibride for Habitat.

**Warning: both sites are designed, most annoyingly, in the beloathed, innavigable flash (boooo, hisssss).**

This line of plates is called "Sorbet," and is described as follows:
With unique and dreamlike patterns created by combining photographic imagery, turn of the century line drawings, and high tech computer effects, Sorbet is perfect for outdoor dining or the most stylish midnight beach party.

Way cool, any way you serve them.

Ibride trays, also way cool, are available at Velocity Art and Design. These are made of high pressure laminate over pressed wood and paper board.

If you don't like the squirrel tray below, well. . . there are plenty of blogs out there, so you might as well just move on.

Eclectic Detective: arbiter of taste in laminate squirrelware.



Di Overton said...

Imagine setting a dinner table with these? Wonderful

Stephanie said...

I would die for that squirrel tray.