Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Objet du . . . uh, week?

OK OK OK. I was so impressed with myself for posting three times in one day that I got all full of myself and haven't posted for a week. BAD me! Bad, bad me!


Let's talk Acme Studios.

Acme Studios probably isn't new to anyone, but it's a great fav of mine and deserves a re-visit every now and then. Now is an especially good time for a visit because of these new leather business card cases, available in early July. (There are more, but I like these two the best.) On top we have "Scarlet King," and below, "Butterflies." Both are designed by Adrian Olabuenaga, and are available for $27.00.

I think the snakeskin patterned one is especially awesome.

Here are some of my other favorite Acme business card cases (I love business card cases). These are all the traditional metal cases, available for $31.00 a pop.

Up top, "Spring," by Eva Zeisel. Love the colors. Down below, "Prospect Garden," but Michael Graves. Love the pattern. (Sucker for florals.)

Here we've got the wonderfully grungy "Crops," by Marcel Wanders, on top. And down below, the lovely black and white "Petal," by Gabrielle Lewin. (Again, sucker for florals.)

And finally, the cool architectural style of "Collins Avenue," by Alberto Berga-Perales. And I like this one why? Let's all say it together: "BLACK AND YELLOW!"


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Di Overton said...

I'm with you - the black and yellow one.