Saturday, November 25, 2006


In recent posts, a couple of items slipped by that are simply too good to miss.

A recent Double Take post on "boot bags" was clearly incomplete without the Marilyn Monroe Shoe Purse, available at Betty's Attic.

I think the lacing up the side is a nice touch, don't you? I mean, if you're this far over the top to begin with . . .


Next there was a Hello Kitty roundup that was hardly even worth posting, considering I left out the best of the best:

That's right, a Hello Kitty Stratocaster. I find I must say it again. A Hello Kitty Stratocaster.

Together with the rockin' Kitty charm from that post, our feline friend begins to show a wild side we hardly knew was there. What next, Hello Kitty skulls?

Yes, that's right.

Hello Kitty skulls.


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