Monday, November 20, 2006

Hello Kitty Blog Day

Apparently it's Hello Kitty Day here in the blogosphere, with a post on Hello Kitty cellphones (left) on Popgadget, and one on a Hello Kitty digital camera (right) on Shiny Shiny. As it happens, I've been waiting for just such an opportunity to post some of my own Kitty sightings on the web.

Starting at the low-tech end, we have Hello Kitty Uno cards at Fred Flare. A cute, age-appropriate use of the character; can't object.

And, of course, we've become accustomed to seeing the ubiquitous feline on electronic gadgetry, so we're not surprised by a Kitty usb drive,

and our surprise at the Wacom Favo Hello Kitty Edition is perhaps better described as dismay. Oh, Wacom. To think of the high regard and respect we once held for you. So fragile, so easily dashed . . .

What blows me away, though, is the Kitty home appliances. The thought, Let's make a Hello Kitty fire extinguisher, or a humidifier, where does that come from? Ok, ok, we all have bizaare thoughts, but putting them into action? How does that get past the board of directors?

Frankly I tend to think the Kitty has become far overexposed, that the Hello Kitty market is beyond saturated. But then I'll see something like this scooter, or this awesome Kitty pendant (wish list! wish list!) and it's "Kitty, you go girl! You rock!


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