Friday, December 29, 2006

Are We Delightful?

Eclectic Detective has finally been in existence for the three-month period required for submission to Delightful Blogs, an "edited directory of blogs that are personal, passionate and, of course, stylish."

This is important why?

Well, most of the blogs I read are ones I discovered there. The blogs they list are reviewed before being added, and they really do weed out a lot of the crappy ones. I admire many of the blogs that are listed, and would consider it a feather in my cap to be included in their number.

Also, it would boost traffic. And, let's face it, blogging is a lot more fun if people are reading what you post.

I chose the category "Design," because it seemed like the best fit. More of my posts are tagged "Design" than any other label (see list, page right). However, Eclectic Detective that I am, I cringed a bit at choosing a category. I like to think of myself as in a category all my own. (Then again, I also like to think of myself as 5'8" tall and blonde, which is also not so very reality-based.)

Apparently Delightful Blogs is rather overwhelmed with submissions, and it may take up to two weeks to be notified whether I've made the cut. I'll be chewing my fingernails.

Won't you chew yours with me?

That is to say, please send good thought karma energy my way, if you would!



Lynda said...

Greetings Lisa!
thanks so very, very much for the delightful post and you are the newest member of the directory. I'm so glad you find the directory useful and having the Electric Detective as part of it will make it even more special.

I'm going to spend a bunch of time digging through your wonderful blog this evening. Lots to discover.

All the best and happy 2007!

mka said...


So Lynda's comment means that you made it, right? Congratulations!! I'm curious as to how you stumbled upon my blog.