Friday, December 29, 2006

Yoox Covers

Go on over to the Yoox website and have a look at their archive of cover photos. (From their home page, just click on the current cover lady to get there.)

I find these highly stylized pics of women in pixel-wear wonderfully entertaining. They remind me a bit of a style of print ads that were around a year or two ago. I clipped them then because of how much they amused me.

(Yes, I have a whole collection of images clipped from magazines. Why? Dunno. My husband says ripping up magazines is my hobby. Actually, I do some kinda collagey stuff with them at times.)

I don't know what to call this style. "Women dressed absurdly using photoshop" seems a bit of a mouthful. If it has a name I'd love to know it, and if it doesn't I'd love to hear your suggestions.

(In the case of the ads, I'm assuming the costumes are digital. Heck, maybe they made huge papier mache costumes for the women to wear.)


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