Thursday, December 14, 2006

Turn x4

Ok, this is one where telling you about it doesn't do it justice: you really have to see it for yourself. (Of course, that doesn't stop me from trying, but I do hope you'll go take a look.)

This watch by Mexican designer Augustin Otegui is cool because it can be worn four ways. Now, multi-functionality is my favorite flavor, so I've always liked reversible jackets and such. But this watch takes the concept a step further. Both the watchband and the watch face are reversible, resulting in 4 total ways to wear it. (2 features x 2 modalities = 4 styles, remember? From Intro to Stats? But I digress.)

The watchband is black on one side and green on the other, while the face is digital on one side and analog on the other. HOW COOL IS THAT? It's way cool. Way, way cool.

But that's not the only cool designy thing about this watch. In order to make the watch reversible and functional and comfortable all at once, it was necessary to design a new clasp, which this designer accomplished with great success. In fact, I would love to have a watch with this clasp even if it didn't reverse, because it looks so incredibly comfortable.

The band makes use of a tongue-and-groove design instead of a traditional buckle or clasp. I hope the picture gives you an idea of it, because it's really very good. It allows the band to be adjustable without the singularly annoying process of adding or subtracting links. (That is the design of my current watch, which keeps coming apart while I'm wearing it. The fact I haven't lost the little extra link is a minor miracle). It also avoids the "adjustment line" that results when a traditional buckle is worn in one hole for a period of time, then worn in a different hole, thus announcing to the world that you have gained (or lost) weight.

Ok, I know I've gone on and on about this. Enough. Go have a look for yourself. I really like this designer; a lot of his stuff is multi-functional, and multi-functionality is, as you know, my favorite flavor. The rest of his work can be found here.

via Nordic Design Blog.


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