Sunday, October 22, 2006

Absolute Crazy Innovations

Ever found a site that made you laugh out loud? So loud your spouse comes in from the next room to see what's so funny? That was my reaction to the "absolute crazy innovations" from the folks at Funny Town.

If you don't have a use for the whisk-as-cotton-ball-holder, perhaps you'd like the ice cream shield,

which is made from--can you tell? Yes, that's right,

a vacuum cleaner bag!



Nora said...

Your blog is a delightful collection of all the fun stuff you can find out there on the net!

Keep blogging -- I enjoy your discoveries!

Anonymous said...

This is some really neat stuff and a very interesting blog, Lisa. The look and feel of the site is very appealing as well. Good work,

George (aka photophool)

Dawn said...

What a great find Lisa! I love this kind of crazy, yet useful stuff :) (sometimes useful)

Jack said...

Interesting stuff! I really enjoy your great sense of humor.

Jack (aka jackfrancis)

Lori said...

All of us that have been around kids with ice cream in 120 degree heat can appreciate the vac bag idea! This is great! Your blog is full of fun, and I'll be sure to return! Keep finding these treasures for us.
Greetings from Domain Barnyard

Kathy said...

Hello, Lisa!

Fun stuff and great links. said...

I am going to try the whisk and the cotton balls.

Noeli said...

Great blog, Lisa.