Sunday, October 29, 2006

Review: Cigg Water Bottle

Well, I've had my Cigg water bottle for about two weeks now. I love it. I did end up getting the one called "summer bird" (above), and it is truly lovely. (I still want the skull one.)

A few comments:

It comes with the red cap shown above, which does not match any of the colors in the design. Yes, it matters. My suggestion would be that it come with a black cap, which I know they make as they show it for sale. I should think this would be a no-brainer.

This does not affect me much, though, as I ordered and consistently use the "sport cap"(above), which comes only in black. This is a very nice cap: it goes easily from open to closed and, when closed, does not leak at all.

There is a third, locked position, which I guess you could use if the bottle was going to be bounced around, but the cap stays closed so well I'm not sure it's necessary. If I did use it, though, I'd be frustrated by how difficult it is to move the cap into this position. It may improve with use. (Tip: Remove cap, grasp nipple with a piece of cloth--I use my shirttail--and twist.)

Regarding taste, the bottle seems to be perfect. Water in the bottle for hours tastes just like it did when it went in. The bottle also seems to have something of an insulating effect, as the water stays cold longer than in plastic.

The best thing about the bottle, for me, is that I haven't had any soreness in my mouth since I started using it. This proves to my satisfaction that the plastic was, indeed, toxic, and I'm very happy to have made the switch.

One other shortcoming, though: the bottle does not fit into the cup holder in my Subaru. I suppose one could argue that this is a shortcoming of the Subaru as much as the bottle. I have, however been able to solve that problem. All it took was a small "absolute necessary innovation":

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