Monday, October 16, 2006

Gothic Torrent

I'm loving this silver ring from the Gothic Torrent collection, designed by Catherine Bysheim. It's fresh; it's stunning; it's eyecatching without being gaudy.

I found it at an online shop called (appropriately) Love2Have, which features "handmade designer jewellery – supporting our UK based jewellery designers and modern jewellery makers." The site has a lot of really great jewelry--I could make a wish list from that site alone!

My one wish is that they displayed the designers' names with the listings. If the mission statement includes supporting designers and jewelry makers, credit should be given where due. However, they were happy to provide me the designer's name when I asked for it, so it's not like they're keeping it a secret.

I should note that the photo is used by permission, as they politely request on the site. And speaking of credit where it's due, I wish I could remember how I wound up on the site so I could give a "via" credit. My very best guess is that I found it via StumbleUpon.

I should probably do a post on StumbleUpon. Soon.

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Dawn said...

Lovin' this ring, great shape and it's silver!