Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Halloween Roundup: Skulls Everywhere

What better way to celebrate Halloween than to look at some of the great skull objects out there? What better excuse for looking at skull objects than Halloween?

Above is my most recent find: skull wrapping paper. (Skull wrapping paper?) Yes, skull wrapping paper. The store is Whimsy Press, a great place to find designer giftwrap whatever your tastes. This wrap is "Gritty in Pink," from the Femme Fatale line. If pink is not your style, be sure to check out "Sticks and Bones" over in the Dude Wrap aisle.

Next up, wrap your feet in these Tossed Skulls rainboots from Diane's Little Lambs Rainwear. Guaranteed to make you look forward to rainy days.

I love the way skulls are showing up in places you'd never expect them. Another example is in the delicate designs of Smallthings Jewelry:

Don't you love the contrast between the tough image and the delicacy of the necklace--and of the neck? It would probably be too much, though, to wear it together with these Felix Linder skull earrings, right?

Right. Even if you were just wearing them around the house--for instance, while washing this Douglas Little skull plate with this skull sponge from Scandinavian Details . . .

. . . while wearing this hostess apron from wishingfish.

I could go on and on. (I often do.) But it's getting close to not being Halloween any more, and tomorrow is another work day. So I'll end with love, with a variation on the theme, from tokidoki:


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Anonymous said...

those TokiDoki keychains are so cute !