Friday, January 05, 2007

Antipode: Virtual Jewellery Exhibition

Want to see some weird-ass jewelry? If so, I can recommend nothing better than the Antipode Contemporary Jewellery/Virtual Exhibition Hall.

Above, we enjoy the grace and beauty of the "stripey animal" bracelet by Felieke van der Leest of Holland.

Below, we are entertained by the playful and frivolous "Kiss of Fire" brooch by Mi-Mi Moscow.

The current Antipode exhibit features the work of Sigurd Bronger. From the website, commentary on his work by Jan Normann:
Sigurd Bronger makes jewellery with traditional functions such as rings and brooches. The items are portable, too, but what is important about them is not their function. They do not need to be worn to be experienced. Perhaps they are best seen in a display case at a gallery or museum? His jewellery consists of encounters between unexpected materials and functions. For example, he has made a series of "air cushions" in which a form that seems to have been blown up turns out to be entirely compact. A much regarded series of rings and brooches making use of egg-shell as an important element in their composition give an intimation of transitoriness as do rings containing balloons or brooches in which soap plays the major part. They are a reminder of the fragility of life. In Bronger's jewellery there are obvious allusions to the instruments of the Renaissance that were built to aid an understanding of the stars and the planetary system. One can even trace an interest in the late 19th century's faith in engineering miracles with balloons flying round the earth and sailing round the globe beneath the sea. The surreal compositions that result when these instruments encounter perishable materials can be humorous and laughter is close at hand.
Below, Bronger's "Take-off" ring exemplifies the style Normann describes:

Normann's commentary may well be spot-on, though I'm inclined to think that at some point he has begun extrapolating rather wildly. I'm no jewelry critic by any means. I just think this is some weird-ass, fun and funky jewelry. I enjoyed looking at it, and I thought you might too.


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