Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Casapinka: A House in Translation

Today brings the launch of a new blog: Casapinka - A House in Translation. Casapinka is a collaboration between Pink of Pink Mohair and Anna Spiro of Black & Spiro and of Absolutely Beautiful Things.

Pink has decided her house needs a bit of a facelift, and that the best designer to help her with this would be Anna. Rather an adventurous choice, in that Pink (and of course her house) are in the United States, while Anna lives in Australia. The two plan to work together across the more than 9,000 miles that separate them, and will do so without having ever met!

The blog will follow the two of them as the design proceeds, sharing their collaboration, frustrations, miraculous discoveries, and all that goes into a project like this. Watching a house redesign would be fun in its own right (ok, I'm addicted to HGTV), and watching them work together across the miles is bound to spice things up.

Reader involvement will be included in the project, and in fact already has been as the name of the blog came from a contest among their readers. I love the name they've chosen, despite the fact that none of my entries ("A Milieu Miles Away," "A Pigment of Our Imagination") was chosen. (I do, of course, remain available to consult on new blog names, and my fee is quite reasonable, I assure you.)

Best of luck to Pink and Anna, and let the games begin!



Anna said...

Lisajay, what can I say?? Thank you so much for the huge wrap up and the link to ABT, PM and of course Casapinka. You're very kind. I look forward to chatting with you soon. Thank you and no doubt you will be hearing from Pink very soon - I think she'll be due to wake up soon!!! She will be thrilled as she in particular has worked so tirelessly on this new blog.

pinkmohair said...

Thanks ED! That was very sweet to give us the shout out. What a brilliant summary and we do assure you that the entire house will not be pink! Right Anna? Anna?

LisaJay said...

my pleasure, guys! but let's go with LisaJay or Lisa, ok? I'm not sure I can answer to ED. . . that was the name of the best man at our wedding, and . . . well, you don't need the details. let's just stick with LisaJay, ok? :D