Saturday, January 06, 2007

Wall Decals from Domestic

I know I've posted about the fine wall decals from the brand Domestic before. But I ran across them again tonight, and you know what? They've got a whole lotta whimsy going on. I dig whimsy.

Whimsy and kitties. (Can you dig whimsy without digging kitties?)

I'm not crazy about the color--a bit drab for my tastes. Though sometimes subtlety is ok. I guess you don't need your wall to scream "whimsical kitties!"

And finally, you've gotta dig a design line that can encompass not only whimsy and kitties, but . . .

Yes, that's right. Skulls. Yes yes yes.

Whimsy and kitties and skulls, oh my!


1 comment:

daisey said...

kitties with their paw up is a sign of good fortune in China! i like the whimsy kitties... cute!