Thursday, January 18, 2007

Zolo a Go Go

I received many wonderful gifts for Christmas, but what absolutely delighted me was when an unexpected package arrived for my birthday: my brother and his family sent me a Zolo a Go Go!

I have longed for this. My "Most Coveted Objects" list has included the Zolo for more than a year, since I first discovered it. I want to play!

With the 48-piece kit, one can make such creations as this:

and this:

and, indeed, this:

The Zolo a Go Go has been designated as appropriate "For ages 5 and up."

Consider me ". . . and up."



Dzeni said...

Its like a rather sophisticated "Mr Potato head". Looks funky and fun.

pinkmohair said...

It sure does knock Mr. Potato head out of the water! It's like renewable art.

Spray Glue said...

U got tagged! Ok so you have to tell the world six weird things about yourself and then tag six others.



Di Overton said...

Sorry, but you have been tagged go to mys site and see. Confess all girl.

Di Overton said...

Whoops, I have just noticed you have already been tagged. Forget what I said.

daisey said...

that looks like so much fun! it's like Mr. Potato Head meets Tinker Toys! :)