Friday, January 26, 2007

Passion Works

Above is a painted Passion Flower from the Passion Works Studio website. Passion Flowers are hand painted by artists with developmental disabilities.

The vision of Passion Works Studio:
To create and live out a best practice model for collaborative art making between artists with and without developmental disabilities. This new mindset demonstrates that creativity is innately a part of all people and recognized that art enhances the quality of life and strengthens communities.
All profits from the Studio go toward the continuation of arts programming.

How cool that the product is so original, funky and immediately on my wish list. How cool that the process and proceeds do so much good in the community.

So many of us create art or crafts or design, so I'm sure we can relate: there is nothing like looking at something beautiful and thinking, "I made that!" It feeds the soul.

via art for housewives.


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