Thursday, February 22, 2007

Artist Michael Velliquette

Artist Michael Velliquette has been doing some extraordinary things with card stock and glue. The example above is the first work in his series, "The Intuitive Jungle."
"The Intuitive Jungle" represents a series of new works completed during the final months of 2006 and early days of 2007. Recurring strategies for image-making appear in several of the works and include eye-shapes accumulated into silhouettes of open hands and human profiles. These spectral embodiments are encountered in several of the works by a more visceral presence, as depicted by mass groupings of small, faceless paper figures.
Velliquette's first New York solo exhibition is currently being held at DCKT Contemporary (through March 10th). Below, a work titled "Exotica."



Di Overton said...

These are fabulous. You can see just how much work goes into them. Stunning!

LisaJay said...

di, I agree, these just blow me away!