Monday, February 12, 2007

Love Goblin by Heather Louise

When it comes to Valentine's Day, I've really been falling down on the job. I suppose I could do a hearts roundup the way I did a skulls roundup for Halloween, but with hearts, where does one begin?

While I ponder this, I'll tide you over with the Love Goblin from Egg Mercantile. Designed and handmade by Heather Louise, this little fellow's a real charmer. As are her other dolls, which you can find here. Do check them out--this lady has quite the imagination! She calls them "dolls," but I'm not sure that quite does them justice.

Here are some more of her sweeties, for your enjoyment--The Three Little Bears:



My Marrakech said...

ooh, I like that first little devil *a lot*!

CeLee said...

how lovely!

LisaJay said...

thanks to you both, aren't these great?

egg mercantile said...

the love goblin has found a home!

LisaJay said...

egg mercantile, from the responses I've gotten I'd say the love goblin would be welcome in a LOT of homes!