Monday, February 12, 2007

We Love Crafts

I'm very excited to share with you a great new online magazine, We Love Crafts. Unfortunately. there's a lot I can't tell you about it because it's in Spanish, and I read only enough Spanish to make my head hurt when I try.

Here's what I can tell you: I want to know who designed the site. No, let me put it a different way. I want to be who designed the site. Its visual appeal is first-rate, and the content looks to be splendid. I can't say whether it's well-written, but where high quality is found, it is often found across the board.

Here is a shot of the Table of Contents page:

Don't you just want to click on all of the little pictures? And you can!

There are a couple of navigability problems, which is not surprising since the site is so new. The first is that you can't use the "back" button on your browser within the site; it will take you the previous site you were on. And the "Indice" button, which takes you to the Table of Contents page, is very high up on the screen; using Firefox, I can only use it if I hide all my toolbars, which is a pain. I hope they do something to change this, as it makes the site easy to navigate forward, but difficult to navigate backward.

Also, and this is fairly minor, but. . . the "Indice" button has an arrow pointing to the right ( --> ), which we tend to think of as "forward." It would be more intuitive if the arrow pointed to the left ( <-- ), as it takes you "backward" to the Contents page.

Here's something else: when I went into Internet Explorer to see if the "back" button worked there, I couldn't access the site at all! I hope they fix this: those who haven't made the jump to Firefox are already being punished enough!

But please don't think I'm being critical. I love this magazine, I totally dig its look, and I'll be spending plenty of time there. . . with a Spanish-to-English dictionary!

But guess what? Word on the street (ok, word on Poppy) has it that the site will eventually be translated to English! That would be great--while I'm easily entertained by looking at pictures, I'd love to be able to read the text as well.

For those who read Spanish, you may find more information on the magazine's blog. Also, the magazine's chief instigators seem to be Anabel of Jugando con Hilos ("Playing With Thread"), and Monica Leon (MiKiMoNo) of Te toco la china.

via Poppy.



Dzeni said...

That's a very clever site. The "problem" is that it has been created in 'Flash' which means lots of really neat animation / graphics but you can't go "back" using your browser.

They should put in a "back" button in the flash animation but thats a hassle to code :)

LisaJay said...

aaaaaah, the dreaded 'Flash.' I should have known it was to blame!

Anabel said...

Hello!! Thanks for your comment. I know there are some problems, but we are trying arrange it:-)

the designer of the site is Mónica, and me, Anabel,i´m the editor(and some tutorial are mine).

I have opened an account on flickr with some picture from the magazine(with english instructions):

I´m glad you like We love Crafts, and i hope the next issue will be in english too:-)

LisaJay said...

Anabel, I'm so glad you stopped by. "We Love Crafts" is great, the problems are tiny, and I wish you the best of luck!