Friday, February 09, 2007

Deb Eiseman's Moonlight Creations

Lately I've been under the grip of a growing fascination with fabric design. It's a wonderful fascination, as it leads me to such discoveries as Deb Eiseman of Moonlight Creations. Above is a wonderful example of her work. The pattern, called "Loving Thoughts," is part of her debut fabric line, "The Art of Healing." I am drawn to both the simple, iconic design and to the name of the fabric line; I'd love to use "Loving Thoughts" to make pillows for my therapy office.

While fabric design is new to Deb, her art is not--though it is, for her, a second career. Art, and watercolor in particular, became a refuge for this former television producer after she suffered devastating injuries in an auto wreck in 1998. Unable to work and, from the pain, unable to sleep, Deb led a tortured existence until a friend recommended that she needed a hobby.

Deb describes the relief of picking up a paintbrush for the first time as "astonishing." In a 2003 interview on NBC's The Today Show, she tells of finding not only a temporary distraction from the pain, but also the joy of looking down and seeing "all these happy figures dancing across the page." (The interview can be downloaded from the Moonlight Creations home page.) From this therapeutic response to painful, sleepless nights, Moonlight Creations was born.

Deb has a wonderful line of greeting cards that feature her simple, colorful icons, which can be found on both the Moonlight Creations website and that of licensee Brush

Even more fun is her growing line of "Painting Cards," of which "Hip Hip Hooray!" is an example, shown below.

These cards are wild and wonderful; unconstrained, they seem to dance for joy.



mohairpink said...

Inspiring story and beautiful patterns!

LisaJay said...

thanks, pink!