Thursday, February 01, 2007

Like Chairs?

If you like chairs (and, after all, we're talking design here; if you don't like chairs, it's not like you could admit it, right? And risk immediate ostracization--woops. I looked that one up and I guess it's simply ostracism) . . . where was I?

Let's take it from the top.

If you like cool chair designs, a great place to find them is over at the Design Obsession blog. One minor drawback for those of us who are linguistically challenged: the site is in French. Of course, that's half the fun. You can copy a post and use an online translation gizmo to tell you it reads as follows:
John Dodelande: Designer, writer, designer, contractor at the 18 years age! onceptor of a yacht-convertible, a armchair-guard-dress, a restaurant with tables elevators, a deliver-magazine, a mini-car, transitory shops, of a collection of mode, a condensed language, a tray meal of suhis to the Frenchwoman, I forget some, here John Dodelande who, at 17 years (it has 18 today of them!) decided to launch its mark of luxury. And you know what? It did it!
That particular gem was a description of this (I believe it's a) chair by John Dodelande, who is both a designer and a designer.

I promise I will try not to have so much caffeine before blogging in the future.



My Marrakech said...

ooooh, I love chairs and thanks for the great link!

casapinka said...

Very cool!

Anonymous said...

where did you get your images in the slide show from?