Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Five Reasons I Blog

Curses, tagged again! Actually this is kind of cool because it comes from a different neighborhood of the blogosphere. I've been tagged by the lovely Jean McManus of Orchids and Violets to tell the world five reasons I blog.

1. The amount of attention I need just to get through the day simply boggles the mind.

2. It flexes my writing muscles. One of my life's biggest "shoulds" is "I should write." This allows me to do it in small, non-immobilizing doses.

3. Despite my need for attention, I am quite self-conscious. Blogging is a method I've chosen for taking the risk of putting myself "out there" and publicly owning my thoughts, feelings, and opinions. This is another stepping stone on the writing path.

4. I feel the internet is the most exciting thing to happen in my lifetime, and I want to be a part of it.

5. It's an area of my life where I can do whatever I want. I like not having a boss, not being edited, and not being told what I can and cannot do.

6. It's an important creative outlet for me. I wish like crazy I could paint or craft or be a real drummer etc. etc. etc. This fulfills some need in me to create.

7. It allows me to do something with my internet finds, rather than simply feeling I've wasted my time surfing.

There, that's seven--two bonus reasons! And with that I tag Maryam of My Marakesh, Anna of Absolutely Beautiful Things, Karen of K Style, Gary of Spray Glue, and (ah, sweet revenge) Di of Designers' Block.


My Marrakech said...

oh eek! I am terrible at these meme things. I think it best just tell you in your comments which of of your reasons are mine, too. Yes, perhaps that....Ha! Okay, let's see 1-7. We all blog for the same reasons, don't we? And here are two extra one: 1) It can get lonely in my Marrakesh olive grove once in a 2)Ah, the English language - so refreshing in a French and Arabic speaking country....

LisaJay said...

Oh, all right. I'll let you get away with it. . . but only because it's you, Maryam :)

Spray Glue said...

Hey Lisajay,

I have the solution to your navigating foreign sites, especially the Asian sites. mail me at garyp(at)iti(dot)ac and I will forward you a Jpeg I made for you illustrating what I meant.


Anna said...

Lisajay - thanks so much for the tag I'm just not the best one to tag though as I just do this blogging thing for my own record of the things I love and to show the people who are interested what I do oh and because I love chatting with all of the wonderful bloggers I have become friends with like you and Maryam and Pink and Courtney at Stylecourt and Amy at Design DNA and Ronda at All the best and MCJ & Kim at Desire to Inspire and and and and and and....That's why I blog. I hope I can get away with this too like Maryam!! Thanks Lisajay again!!!

LisaJay said...

Well, seeing as it's you, Anna. . . of course! I guess the tag things really don't fit in well with a lot of blogs--they're way off-topic, and one of the answers to this one might be "Well, I sure don't blog to do tags!"

Maybe the next time I'll opt out too. Passing it along isn't always what people want.