Saturday, March 03, 2007

Jun Kaneko: Advice to a Young Artist

Q. What advice would you give a young artist?

A. Well you know, it's pretty simple. To be a visual artist, you have to make something visual. To make something visual, you have to spend your energy. Make your own statement with whatever materials you want to use -- clay, steel, wood or whatever -- and just keep on doing that. There are a lot of complex issues that come up. Once you make it, you have to have the ability to evaluate your own work and increase the part you like about each piece. The pieces will get better and make better sense for you.

If you start talking about the value of art, this is a confusing thing because there is no set value. It is wise to stay with your intuitive feeling and value judgment of your own work and always start from there. We are not driven by ourselves in this world. Other people's opinions will start influencing us. But in the balance between the artist's self to other people's opinions, I think it's wise to stay with your intuitive feelings to evaluate your own work. ... There is no magic; it is hard work, like anything else.

- Jun Kaneko


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