Monday, March 12, 2007

Artist Steven Harrington

This morning I find myself enchanted by this print by Steven Harrington. Such a lovely, happy print, with a subtle complexity that in no way detracts from its childlike joyfulness. (I ought not try to write before my first cup of coffee.)

Harrington was interviewed recently by Profile Magazine, a project by the folks at YouWorkForThem:
Beyond visual interests, I enjoy creating objects that other human beings can relate to- not quite nostalgic, but closer to a personal photograph or memory. I've always felt a stronger connection to tangible, printed objects, so that's what I like to make. Most of the ideas for my personal works are created from past experiences and childhood memories. But I prefer creative freedom in my personal work so the concepts and ideas are different from piece to piece. I feel like my process is very intuitive, so many of the meanings or messages are often revealed after the piece is created.
Harrington is a highly prolific artist, but I'm going to make you go to his site or the interview to see the more of his work. This morning I'm really just digging this one.

Its title, by the way, is "somehow, we all seem connected."


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