Saturday, March 17, 2007

Barnaby Barford Ceramics

Of course, we all know Barnaby Barford for these stamp cups he did together with Valeria Miglioli for thorston van elten. They're clever, lovely, etc. Enough about them.

What you may not know of is the wonderful one-off ceramics that Barford does on his own. I think of them as his "caption pieces," because it's the caption, or name of the piece, that makes it hysterically funny. Let me show you some examples:

"Shit, now I'm really going to be late"

"Don't worry darling, you look fabulous"

"Stop looking at its arse"

And, of course, my own personal favorite:

"It's bullshit, he's lying"

So go on over to his website and have a look under "one offs" and "archives." Much hilarity will ensue.



Alyssa said...

Those are hilarious :-)

shoobydoo said...

I love the mugs...such a cute idea:)