Friday, March 30, 2007

Objets du Jour - What's French for Twofer?

These shoes from The String Republic are called "Anger," but I think they're, well, pretty. Available at Karmaloop for $60.00.

The Gunfighter, the Bandit and the Saloon Girl. Before you go looking for these great t-shirts, do what I didn't do: read the fine print. They're not available yet. A collaboration between :phunk studio and Levi's Europe, for the Spring/Summer '08 collection.

If I start saving my pennies now . . .

t-shirts via highsnobriety.



Di Overton said...

WHAT! 2008. Someone is going to copy those before then.

Spray Glue said...

WOW! those are crazy, I love them!