Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Objet du Jour: ShapeSkapeS

First, an apology: I know I've missed quite a number of jours lately. Busy, busy, busy. In any case. Today we have ShapeSkapeS - Sculpture in a Box.

You may recall my delight upon receiving a Zolo-a-Go-Go for my birthday:

I continue to be delighted by this wonderful toy. But does it curb my object lust? Oh my, no. Not when I find there is something that looks to be just as much fun.

From their website:
Designed by Los Angeles based sculptor Peter Mayor, and influenced by the dynamic sculptures of modern 20th Century artists, ShapeScapeS inspires anyone from 6-96 to create an endless array of fantastic structures.

With over 90 organic shapes in seven different colors, budding artists get to dreamscape and shapescape any which way they want. Thoroughly versatile, easy to pull apart and reassemble, ShapeScapeS allows one to create anew, again and again. The sculptures can be easily recognizable – a person, an animal, for example - or some unique, abstract construction. In any case, all ShapeScapeS sculptures can be proudly displayed on tables, walls, or even hung as mobiles.

This last one looks particularly poetical, don't it?

ShapeSkapeS are available at Zipper for $35.00. With both Christmas and my birthday long since past, together with the "no money in, no money out" rule, together with the "no money in" fact of my current life, this must remain, for now, on my wish list.


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mohairpink said...

These are all so cool. Good for you - get every last one of them and don't let anyone tell you that you have enough!