Friday, March 16, 2007


I stopped by a flea market on the way home today and picked up a ziplock bag full of old matchbooks for $5.00. I couldn't really see all of them when they were in the bag, so I wasn't sure what I was going to get. As soon as I got to my car I dumped them all out and started going "oooooh!" and "aaaaah!"

I love the Ohio Blue Tip books. I'm in Ohio, so I'm not surprised they were plentiful. They're so pretty! There are actually a few more that I found after the scanning was done, so I'm pleased.

And then how could you not totally dig the Ladies? I was so excited to find them! (Is the redhead a lady? I've been thinking so, but now that I look more closely I'm not so sure. Actually, let's face it, it's a guy. We'll say "the Ladies and the cute androgynous fellow.")

In terms of history, my husband was impressed by this Wendell Wilkie matchbook. He was (I've just discovered on Wilkipedia) the Republican nominee who lost to FDR in the 1940 election. Wilkie was. Not my husband.

Finally, there's just a great assortment of other styles, some with great graphics or a "period piece" feel to them.

I knew I had to have these when I saw them. The question now is, what on earth am I going to DO with them?

And no, you can't win them with a logo. Unless you talk me into it. 'Cause even though I've gotten some great designs, we're going to have to extend the deadline. More on this tomorrow.



Brighid said...

I'd say frame them. My mother-in-law has a great collection of trading cards from the 1910's and she's got them in frames. Not only does it protect them, but it looks cool, too.

Di Overton said...

What a bargain, they're fabulous.

LisaJay said...

brighid, that's not a bad idea!

Thanks, di :)

ma vie en rose said...

What a find! I'm so jealous. I really like brighid's idea of framing them. They also might look neat dumped into a big glass jar...

Maggie said...

what a great find?

LisaJay said...

ma vie en rose and maggie, thanks for stopping by! yes, a find indeed! (now wondering if I should go back today and get more . . . )

Anna said...

These are fantastic - they would look fantastic framed.