Friday, March 02, 2007

The Seventies

Aren't we glad the seventies are over? "Be adventurous with paint!" is the section heading for this groovy number.

As a child of the seventies, I took this advice to heart: I insisted that my bedroom be painted in my favorite color, orange. (I have since discovered it is not my favorite color, but my favorite flavor. My favorite color is purple--and I do not like grape.)

My mother was sensible enough to convince me that bright yellow walls and orange accessories were the best way to go, for which I was later profoundly grateful, as the color scheme did not change until after I had left for college. She did, however, allow me to have orange and yellow carpeting with shag up to my ankles. She was pretty cool. Still is.

Can you imagine attending a dinner party in this room and not being self--conscious? At least our derriers would have covered up those butt-ugly chair cushions.

But this window treatmnt is, I think, rather clever:

Though I might like it better against a painted wall. I like a kitchen window whose curtains can be closed. The neighbors don't need to see my hair before I've showered.

And, finally, this next one is actually very sweet:

It would work just about as well in a current child's room as in one from 1977. The more things change, the more things stay the same.

Aren't we glad the 70s are over? Yet at the same time, aren't we glad they happened?

All images are from the Better Homes and Gardens Decorating Book, Meredith Corporation, 1976.



Janvangogh said...

Growing up, I decided that orange would be my favorite color cause it wasnt anyone else's favorite color. I didnt have to share it and I could have it all to myself.

I am actually kind of glad that orange is returning tho now I prefer it with a cad red. Really makes the red pop.

irene said...

I love the images you show here! Great blog!

LisaJay said...

thank you, irene!

Design Hole said...

Egads! What's all the mid-century modern about if not the 70's? I've seen some magazine spreads where the rooms were such an exact copy of the 1970's that I thought I was having a flashback!

zia meadows said...

love the spoon curtain! could you do a bathroom one with loo brushes do you think?.........